Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Hang Out

Last Sunday the boys went over to Mr. E's to ride their bikes.
They hung out for awhile in Mr. E's barn/bike shop..
This Mr. E below.
He has a couple 3-4 bikes setting around and quite the collection of parts and gear. Mr. C and D hanging on the couch.
A great supply of tires.
Old helmets from years of racing.
And just a few chest proctectors..
{look comes with it's own dirt}
There was a whole bunch of other things but I didn't get pictures. It's a great place for the boys to hang out. Now I know what they mean when they say they are working on a bike.. there are plenty of things to work on other there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cool November Day

Sunday afternoon while G was at a dance competition {with the oldest}
I stayed home with D, Mr. C and Mr. E {My babysitters}
That morning I made them smoothies and a big sub sandwich for lunch
{they don't eat breakfast}
and they headed over to the Mr. E's farm to help his dad with the manure spreader..
You all saw photos of that a few days ago over at The Cathy Chronicles. Then I got the word while surfin
through blogs that they were ready to ride.
So I packed up Baby {Sony Alpha 300} and headed over to the farm.
When I got out of the car I heard a faint Catheeeeeee...
I looked around and saw no one around except D's and Mr.E's dad talking about yes
the manure spreader.. Then I saw one of my boys in the loft of the hay barn.
They wanted me to climb up there and take pics.. Ahhhh, NO!!!!
Then they warned me not to get to close cause they had peed out the window onto the ground.. NiCE!!!!
Here they are just hanging out waiting for horse riding lesson to get over with.. They can't start up their bikes when people are riding. I'm sure the horses are used to this sound by now but they don't take the chance.
Right about now they are not liking all the horses around cause they are
cutting into their riding time..
D's was told to do some tricks while his bike was still on the ground on it's stand..
Oh, my brave little boy.
After Mr. C had been dressed for quite awhile when the dad's,
{the mean dad's}
decided that he needed to wear knee pads.
D and Mr. E wear knee pads, actually they were knee support braces but if ya don't have one you should wear pads.
Mr. C I have to say whined like a little girl cause
they didn't feel right,
they pulled on his pants,
they didn't let his knee bend...
D didn't like them the first time he wore them, nor did he like his Leatt brace, or chest protector.. but guess what..
he was wearing them.
Now he thanks his Leatt Brace almost everyday for saving his neck when he wrecked back in 2008... If he wouldn't have had that on.. I am sure {cause I saw the wreck} he would have broke his neck.
Here Mr. E is pushing his bike up the to the other barn to see if they can ride.. Remember they can't start them til the horse rider is done... I am yelling Go E...go...go faster... I think I can,, I think I can.... Almost ready.. D's dad is saying "U don't start that thing til it's time."
They are just chomping at the bit waiting to for signal when they can ride.
It was kind of like waiting for the parents to grab the camera so the kids could run down the stairs on Christmas morning. Oh boys.. they had a great November day down at the farm.


Friday, October 9, 2009

My bike

This bike made it into my car one day. (It's the brand and model of D's real bike) I found it on the back floor and stuck it up in my vents on my dash. It has been there ever since except for the day D drove it across my dash and then threw it out the window. We were on a back road so I backed up and made him get out and get it. I have since warned him that it is to stay put. So some people have stuffed animals, dice hanging from their mirror, stickers of Disney characters on the back windows and I have a little dirt bike on my dash. I am a race mom and this is my bike.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Homecoming 2009

The Boys-
Okay, not sure what's going on with these pictures. I had trouble with them earlier too so we are just going to go with it. Last weekend D had his very first high school homecoming.. Remember weeks ago we took 8 kids to Men's Wearhouse to order their vests, Well, somehow in the mix a couple more were added to the group along with other friends and a couple of girls. Two of the vest club didn't show up so up for pictures. I wish this picture would have turned out these girls were well let's just say not dressed to my approval.. Not that that means anything but come on...put a bra on for Pete sakes. Anywho the three in our car was not happy when we pulled up and they saw the boob queens dancing around. I don't really know who they were but no one was really sure who invited them. Anyways...moving on. This is D, Cousin D and his sister. I couldn't get a good face out of cousin D to save me. I have about 20 pics of all different faces. I loved the skies behind them. It had actually rained for days before this and Saturday afternoon it started to clear up. Even D was excited about it being nice out for their big day. Later that night it started to rain again.

One of D's friends was sponsored by VZ or Von Zipper eye wear aka..motocross goggles. They had these stickers and they ended up everywhere. I think by now my car alone must have at least 5 on it in different spots. Cousin D jazzed up his boots.

I really wish these pictures would have turned out larger..I have never had this happen. hmmm?

This is E, the friend I was talking about.. he is a you see his VZ stickers?

This is a group shot. And let me say for the record.... I bought D a nice black belt and expensive nice, very classy, black dress shoes and at the last minute he went for his tennis shoes and this old brown belt.. I about died. I was very upset with him but then had to let it go. I think if he was going with a date it would have been different and there are plenty more dances for him to actually get dressed up for so I took a deep breath and explained to the other parents that I am picking my fights and his shoes were not going to be one today. I am just glad that he can stand on two feet. So yes, in the end he wore navy blue and a mustardy colored NIKE shoe and brown belt with his black pants and shirt.. Oh, and this stupid hat they passed around.

Here is part of the group, I think 2 were missing and a few showed up after this pic.

Here is a close up of the hat, VZ stickers and brown belt.. Notice the other two.. yeah they went as a date not a group so they followed the dress code. A coworker said he {D} reminded her of Ducky off Pretty in Pink.. He's still young.

We had fun. I lived through getting 3 of them dressed in my living room,, t shirts and shorts were flying. I guess they are so used to stripping down at motocross that one mom in a living room doesn't phase them. Cousin D had a white t shirt on {with a hole in it} so he put on a wife beater tank that was D's and now the oldest monster wears to bed.. it was a bit tight so he popped a few seams and presto,, he had a under shirt. They all had showers, brushed their teeth and were dressed..what more could I ask for. They had fun and danced their butts off.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AMA #2 at Dirt Country

Early Sunday morning these guys with a few others tracked across Southern Ohio to Dirt Country for a motocross race. While they were arriving for sign up at 6 am..yes 6 in the morning I was at home in my warm comfy bed with the alarm screaming to GET UP.. I made it down there in plenty of time for practice at 8am.. Gosh 8 am is early.. considering I am usually going to bed. You could tell fall was fast approaching cause these guys were cold. You can see D's dad, mechanic and fellow racer there with him in a warm sweatshirt while D and Cousin D sat there and froze.. they were getting ready for practice. It finally warmed up and turned out to be a nice day, actually kind of on the hot side.. Ya know this Ohio weather.. A/C during the day and heat on at night. Here their mechanic for the day was fixin up their bikes after practice.. I don't really know what he was doing..spraying something on their back tire.. hope he never needs me to do anything cause I would have to get out my old pictures.
D and I had a little talk about "baby" the camera.. He hates baby, he has grown up with a camera in his face and he hates when she pops up for candids.. The thing is the first thing in the door he wants to look at pictures. Now what if I didn't take pictures.. I would never be able to remember this face.. Here is is trying to work the camera. Yeah,, no modeling future for him but he was trying. And then this.. I am really far away but he always knows when I am taking them. Now here, I am literally in his face.. Look at his little whiskersBut then the other boys love the baby..they embrace baby, they will pose and say " get this" Here cousin D is giving his famous or maybe not famous but typical thumbs up. He almost becomes a different character when he has his helmet on..maybe cause I or we can't really see his face.
This is Z, Z always, ALWAYS sticks his butt out.. I don't know why but that is his signature pose.
Cousin D again.. posing.. This is cousin D, half posing, half trying to decide if he wants to walk down to the porta john before practice. I just noticed his gloves are Fox and say "paw"tector. Isn't that clever.Here is D and Z on the line.. Z is in the blue which shows up real good from the stands and D is kicking his leg over with the blue google strap.. they had to move the line down for some reason. I bet that threw him into a tizzy.. he gets so routine on how he does things. And here is a jump.. I don't get many good pictures on the track since I stayed in the stands. I will leave my track jumping for our home track next week.

Hope you enjoy. For more race photos visit my website

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First AMA race

D had his first AMA race today. AMA is the organized races put on my the American Motorcyclist Assoc. The races he raced last year and will race next weekend are called OUTLAW races. They are for fun, if you place in the first few (depends) positions you win a trophy. But today he rode with the big boys. Now as you can see, I took this picture when I got to the track. He has earned his name of Mr. Clean. Somehow, and I don't know how he doesn't get as dirty as the others. Now sure he has been known to be told to wipe his neck, he gets a dirty neck but other than that he stays fairly clean ...for the sport. Here is his helmet after practice and here is his friend's...Now Z here can get dirty and will get dirty and sometimes.. smells like a football player.. I don't know if he just went out and rolled in the mud or what happened but this was before any race. This is D between races hanging with his boys. There were 23 races and then they go twice.. so it goes 1.2.3.....23 and then 1.2.3.....23 again.. It made for a long day. Luckily D raced in race 3 so we got done fairly early. There were over 400 racers. The last outlaw race we went to there were only 23 racers total. D had 33 racers in his class. This is dirty man Z
This is E... he just moved up to the 250 class. He used to race 85cc.. He went to Loretta Lynn's race at the beginning of August. That is one of the big races where all the good racers go to compete.
Oh and Mr. C. he didn't race but he sure did help out at the starting line. He just got his bike a few months ago and is not comfortable enough to race.
I grabbed a picture of their dirty boots, which really aren't that dirty for as muddy as it was today.
Here is D in his first race. He dumped his bike back in the woods and broke his clutch lever. His dad/mechanic bought a new one and fixed it before the second race. He caught me taking pics of him. Some reason he always knows when I am trying to catch him. See C knows and won't look at me.
Okay, so he didn't finish the first race but did finish the second so that took him down on the overall rank. He placed 31 of 33. We'll take it considering it was his first AMA race and he was a bit nervous. Actually I thought he would be more nervous than he was but he made it, no detour to the hospital, no mad fits about not finishing he had a really good time and is ready for next weekend.
This is the first race..see all the kids? Well, they aren't all kids, some are in their 20's and 30's but they all look like kids to me. If you look at the back of 757 you can see D in the background. He had fun, I had fun, I got some sun, walked about 5 miles or so and took over 1000 pictures so it was a good day.