Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cool November Day

Sunday afternoon while G was at a dance competition {with the oldest}
I stayed home with D, Mr. C and Mr. E {My babysitters}
That morning I made them smoothies and a big sub sandwich for lunch
{they don't eat breakfast}
and they headed over to the Mr. E's farm to help his dad with the manure spreader..
You all saw photos of that a few days ago over at The Cathy Chronicles. Then I got the word while surfin
through blogs that they were ready to ride.
So I packed up Baby {Sony Alpha 300} and headed over to the farm.
When I got out of the car I heard a faint Catheeeeeee...
I looked around and saw no one around except D's and Mr.E's dad talking about yes
the manure spreader.. Then I saw one of my boys in the loft of the hay barn.
They wanted me to climb up there and take pics.. Ahhhh, NO!!!!
Then they warned me not to get to close cause they had peed out the window onto the ground.. NiCE!!!!
Here they are just hanging out waiting for horse riding lesson to get over with.. They can't start up their bikes when people are riding. I'm sure the horses are used to this sound by now but they don't take the chance.
Right about now they are not liking all the horses around cause they are
cutting into their riding time..
D's was told to do some tricks while his bike was still on the ground on it's stand..
Oh, my brave little boy.
After Mr. C had been dressed for quite awhile when the dad's,
{the mean dad's}
decided that he needed to wear knee pads.
D and Mr. E wear knee pads, actually they were knee support braces but if ya don't have one you should wear pads.
Mr. C I have to say whined like a little girl cause
they didn't feel right,
they pulled on his pants,
they didn't let his knee bend...
D didn't like them the first time he wore them, nor did he like his Leatt brace, or chest protector.. but guess what..
he was wearing them.
Now he thanks his Leatt Brace almost everyday for saving his neck when he wrecked back in 2008... If he wouldn't have had that on.. I am sure {cause I saw the wreck} he would have broke his neck.
Here Mr. E is pushing his bike up the to the other barn to see if they can ride.. Remember they can't start them til the horse rider is done... I am yelling Go E...go...go faster... I think I can,, I think I can.... Almost ready.. D's dad is saying "U don't start that thing til it's time."
They are just chomping at the bit waiting to for signal when they can ride.
It was kind of like waiting for the parents to grab the camera so the kids could run down the stairs on Christmas morning. Oh boys.. they had a great November day down at the farm.

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