Sunday, August 30, 2009

First AMA race

D had his first AMA race today. AMA is the organized races put on my the American Motorcyclist Assoc. The races he raced last year and will race next weekend are called OUTLAW races. They are for fun, if you place in the first few (depends) positions you win a trophy. But today he rode with the big boys. Now as you can see, I took this picture when I got to the track. He has earned his name of Mr. Clean. Somehow, and I don't know how he doesn't get as dirty as the others. Now sure he has been known to be told to wipe his neck, he gets a dirty neck but other than that he stays fairly clean ...for the sport. Here is his helmet after practice and here is his friend's...Now Z here can get dirty and will get dirty and sometimes.. smells like a football player.. I don't know if he just went out and rolled in the mud or what happened but this was before any race. This is D between races hanging with his boys. There were 23 races and then they go twice.. so it goes 1.2.3.....23 and then 1.2.3.....23 again.. It made for a long day. Luckily D raced in race 3 so we got done fairly early. There were over 400 racers. The last outlaw race we went to there were only 23 racers total. D had 33 racers in his class. This is dirty man Z
This is E... he just moved up to the 250 class. He used to race 85cc.. He went to Loretta Lynn's race at the beginning of August. That is one of the big races where all the good racers go to compete.
Oh and Mr. C. he didn't race but he sure did help out at the starting line. He just got his bike a few months ago and is not comfortable enough to race.
I grabbed a picture of their dirty boots, which really aren't that dirty for as muddy as it was today.
Here is D in his first race. He dumped his bike back in the woods and broke his clutch lever. His dad/mechanic bought a new one and fixed it before the second race. He caught me taking pics of him. Some reason he always knows when I am trying to catch him. See C knows and won't look at me.
Okay, so he didn't finish the first race but did finish the second so that took him down on the overall rank. He placed 31 of 33. We'll take it considering it was his first AMA race and he was a bit nervous. Actually I thought he would be more nervous than he was but he made it, no detour to the hospital, no mad fits about not finishing he had a really good time and is ready for next weekend.
This is the first race..see all the kids? Well, they aren't all kids, some are in their 20's and 30's but they all look like kids to me. If you look at the back of 757 you can see D in the background. He had fun, I had fun, I got some sun, walked about 5 miles or so and took over 1000 pictures so it was a good day.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last week my baby boy, my little peapod, my chubs turned 15 years old. He was such a happy baby..well sometimes. Here he was having a good day and the lady or man I can't remember was awesome. Here you can almost see his bitechees... that's what he called his boobies.. Bite Cheeses... Happy Birthday baby boy.. what I'd do to go back for a few days to hold him again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

D's Dirt Bike Birthday Party

D had his birthday party at the race track.. it was a few days after his actual birthday but Monday and Tuesdays are the only private days. When I showed up he was getting dressed.. hmmm? His dad shown in this picture with a bright orange safari hat- found his old gear, helmet, goggles and chest protector from the "old" days of racing. D thought it would be fun to wear it for his party and show it off. Look at this face mask.. ancient. If he would have had this one when he wrecked last year his braces would have been torn off. Oh how he hates the camera. Who could resist these pink and red bone pants.. WOW how things have changed. Although a lot of the guys wanted this gear to come back in style.Then he got serious and changed into his new birthday suit.. New Thor gear. that feels better. This guy is training for the heat with a sweat shirt on.. wow it was already hot.
This is Mr. C, seen in previous post on the Flops well without the helmet of course.
The little guys hanging out waiting for the storm that passed right over us.. Not a drop of rain hit the ground.. Thank you mother nature.
Mr. C again giving a little guy a lift.
And then there is G... our resident model also seen in previous Flop post. He hurt his back the day before and wasn't feeling too well. So he sat and watched most of the day.
D with the dirty mouth and his ever present gallon of water..which is a good thing.. I think I bitched enough this spring that he got the point that he needs to drink...drink.. I would say that to him. It gets so hot, then them in their gear, they come off the track blood red.. I am always yelling.. " GET SOME WATER" They do good, once in a while I have to actually force them to drink.
The camp. He had about 30 riders show up, some parents and a few little non riders which his dad then took off to the side and was throwing them into training.. His dad is always up for helping the little guys.

I took more but that's it for now.. Next week..races. yeah...