Friday, October 2, 2009

Homecoming 2009

The Boys-
Okay, not sure what's going on with these pictures. I had trouble with them earlier too so we are just going to go with it. Last weekend D had his very first high school homecoming.. Remember weeks ago we took 8 kids to Men's Wearhouse to order their vests, Well, somehow in the mix a couple more were added to the group along with other friends and a couple of girls. Two of the vest club didn't show up so up for pictures. I wish this picture would have turned out these girls were well let's just say not dressed to my approval.. Not that that means anything but come on...put a bra on for Pete sakes. Anywho the three in our car was not happy when we pulled up and they saw the boob queens dancing around. I don't really know who they were but no one was really sure who invited them. Anyways...moving on. This is D, Cousin D and his sister. I couldn't get a good face out of cousin D to save me. I have about 20 pics of all different faces. I loved the skies behind them. It had actually rained for days before this and Saturday afternoon it started to clear up. Even D was excited about it being nice out for their big day. Later that night it started to rain again.

One of D's friends was sponsored by VZ or Von Zipper eye wear aka..motocross goggles. They had these stickers and they ended up everywhere. I think by now my car alone must have at least 5 on it in different spots. Cousin D jazzed up his boots.

I really wish these pictures would have turned out larger..I have never had this happen. hmmm?

This is E, the friend I was talking about.. he is a you see his VZ stickers?

This is a group shot. And let me say for the record.... I bought D a nice black belt and expensive nice, very classy, black dress shoes and at the last minute he went for his tennis shoes and this old brown belt.. I about died. I was very upset with him but then had to let it go. I think if he was going with a date it would have been different and there are plenty more dances for him to actually get dressed up for so I took a deep breath and explained to the other parents that I am picking my fights and his shoes were not going to be one today. I am just glad that he can stand on two feet. So yes, in the end he wore navy blue and a mustardy colored NIKE shoe and brown belt with his black pants and shirt.. Oh, and this stupid hat they passed around.

Here is part of the group, I think 2 were missing and a few showed up after this pic.

Here is a close up of the hat, VZ stickers and brown belt.. Notice the other two.. yeah they went as a date not a group so they followed the dress code. A coworker said he {D} reminded her of Ducky off Pretty in Pink.. He's still young.

We had fun. I lived through getting 3 of them dressed in my living room,, t shirts and shorts were flying. I guess they are so used to stripping down at motocross that one mom in a living room doesn't phase them. Cousin D had a white t shirt on {with a hole in it} so he put on a wife beater tank that was D's and now the oldest monster wears to bed.. it was a bit tight so he popped a few seams and presto,, he had a under shirt. They all had showers, brushed their teeth and were dressed..what more could I ask for. They had fun and danced their butts off.

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