Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AMA #2 at Dirt Country

Early Sunday morning these guys with a few others tracked across Southern Ohio to Dirt Country for a motocross race. While they were arriving for sign up at 6 am..yes 6 in the morning I was at home in my warm comfy bed with the alarm screaming to GET UP.. I made it down there in plenty of time for practice at 8am.. Gosh 8 am is early.. considering I am usually going to bed. You could tell fall was fast approaching cause these guys were cold. You can see D's dad, mechanic and fellow racer there with him in a warm sweatshirt while D and Cousin D sat there and froze.. they were getting ready for practice. It finally warmed up and turned out to be a nice day, actually kind of on the hot side.. Ya know this Ohio weather.. A/C during the day and heat on at night. Here their mechanic for the day was fixin up their bikes after practice.. I don't really know what he was doing..spraying something on their back tire.. hope he never needs me to do anything cause I would have to get out my old pictures.
D and I had a little talk about "baby" the camera.. He hates baby, he has grown up with a camera in his face and he hates when she pops up for candids.. The thing is the first thing in the door he wants to look at pictures. Now what if I didn't take pictures.. I would never be able to remember this face.. Here is is trying to work the camera. Yeah,, no modeling future for him but he was trying. And then this.. I am really far away but he always knows when I am taking them. Now here, I am literally in his face.. Look at his little whiskersBut then the other boys love the baby..they embrace baby, they will pose and say " get this" Here cousin D is giving his famous or maybe not famous but typical thumbs up. He almost becomes a different character when he has his helmet on..maybe cause I or we can't really see his face.
This is Z, Z always, ALWAYS sticks his butt out.. I don't know why but that is his signature pose.
Cousin D again.. posing.. This is cousin D, half posing, half trying to decide if he wants to walk down to the porta john before practice. I just noticed his gloves are Fox and say "paw"tector. Isn't that clever.Here is D and Z on the line.. Z is in the blue which shows up real good from the stands and D is kicking his leg over with the blue google strap.. they had to move the line down for some reason. I bet that threw him into a tizzy.. he gets so routine on how he does things. And here is a jump.. I don't get many good pictures on the track since I stayed in the stands. I will leave my track jumping for our home track next week.

Hope you enjoy. For more race photos visit my website http://www.gearboxphotos.com/

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